• 1st day: Labuan Bajo – Kelor Island – Menjerite Snorkeling Spot – Kalong Island.
  • 2nd day: Padar Island – Taman National Komodo – Pink Beach – Manta Point – Labuan Bajo


Enjoy 2 days private tour with Zada and experience Live on Board with zada during a night stay. Enjoy the stars and wait for the sunrise will be an interesting experience for the traveler.

On the first day, We will go to Kelor island to see a spectacular panaromic view. After a short 15 minute hike, the panoramic view from the top towards Flores, Rinca island, and other smaller islands of Komodo Park, is simply breathtaking. One can often spot honeymooners and young couples eager for that Instagram-perfect shot atop of Kelor Island. After Kelor Island, we will explore A beautiful scenery of Menjerite Island, one of the islands in Komodo archipelago. Menjerite Island is blessed with crystal clear water and beautiful corals, making it a top diving spot and a must stop for island hopping in Labuan Bajo.

At the end of the first day, we will explore Kalong Island. This island is a mangrove forest area whose role is important in the balance of nature, especially the oceans. As the original habitat of bats, Kalong has become one of the most beautiful destinations to visit.

At sunset time, Kalong Island is usually busy with some travel boats. The island is also the location for ship anchors, they will stay overnight on this island. The reason the boat stays overnight on the island is to consider the tide currents of the Flores Sea.

On the 2nd day, We will experience Padar Island, Taman National Komodo, Pink Beach, and Manta Point. Diving enthusiasts should visit a manta point at least once in their lifetime. This destination is an open sea where mantas live. Tourists can interact with these rare Indonesian animals without leaving the slightest bit of trash. As the name implies, manta points are the dwelling places of endangered species that only exist in the Indonesian sea.

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