Zada Nara : Luxury Boat


Zada in Arabic has deep meening “prosperous”, “increasing in goodness”.

Cruising with our Indonesia wooden Phinisi is the best way to discover the beauty of Indonesia archipelago. Zada is a traditionally designed wooden phinisi yacht that offers guests the ultimate privacy. Onboard this luxury yacht with impeccable service, guests are cocooned in a quality vessel that serves as the perfect base for exploring the wonders of Indonesia’s tropical islands.

The symbiotic relationship between traditional Indonesian boat building and the modern luxury cruising experience will be seen on this Phinisi, moreover, the large indoor spaces and wide-open decks are perfectly arranged. Zada is a great option for families and groups of friends alike with a crew of 12 including a cruise director, a chef and a dive master.

Our tagline:

Sailing in love with Zada.

With us, you will see a different stunning scenery every day, every hour, and get you into places you never know before. Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better. Experience our onboard facilities such luxury bar and karaoke, open decks, and our infinity field. Allow yourself to lean back and enjoy a cruise experience like no other. With an exciting range of water sports, leisure activities and premium dining. We believe that the ultimate holiday experience is best served with utmost privacy. Couple that with the spotless charm of a wooden sailing yacht with spacious cabins, several lounge areas, picturesque changing view, exotic destinations, and impeccable service.

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