komodo village is the only village in komodo island

Komodo Island is home to the Komodo dragon, an ancient carnivorous animal native to Indonesia. However, apart from its animal attractions, Komodo Island has a ton of reasons why you should visit here, at least once in your life.

If you like visiting natural tourist attractions, Komodo Island must be on your checklist. The reason is, that in this area, there are small islands that are also interesting to visit and meet marine animals in a pristine ecosystem.

1. Komodo National Park


Do you believe that Komodo dragons are ancient animals on the same level as dinosaurs?
In fact, the Komodo dragon is the only ancient animal that is still alive today. We are among the lucky people to be alive in this era, let alone have the opportunity to see it firsthand.

Therefore, Komodo dragons are protected animals, so a national park must be created specifically to look after them so they don’t become extinct. When visiting, make sure you obey the existing rules and follow the directions of local officials so as not to disturb the Komodo dragons.

2. Relax in Pink Beach

relax in pink beach with friends

This beach has an attraction that cannot be found anywhere, namely pink sand. The pink color of the sand comes from small pieces of coral and coral that have been deposited over the years.

The beauty of the color of the sand when it meets the clear sea water makes anyone stunned and feel at home here for a long time. Pink Beach is also a favorite destination for couples who want to leave romantic memories such as a holiday together or even a proposal.

3. Say hello to Manta Rays


Still in the Komodo National Park area, for those of you who like diving, you need to stop by Manta Point. As the name suggests, Manta Point is a place for manta rays which you can find here.

Manta rays (Manta birostris) are one of the largest ray species in the world. Its body width is almost 8 meters and weighs up to 3 tons. Manta rays are not a poisonous type of ray, so it is safer if you accidentally pass near them.

The distinctive feature of manta rays is a pair of horns near their mouth, these horns are actually fins that help enter seawater containing plankton, which are their foods. The manta’s body patterns and colors also vary, making it very interesting.

For those of you who are curious about diving here, make sure you are accompanied by a professional and use diving equipment!

4. Hiking on Padar Island


You must be familiar with a view like the photo above, right? Yes, the photo was taken from Padar Island!

Padar Island is one of the largest islands after Komodo Island and Rinca Island. The best time if you want to climb is around 6 to 9 in the morning considering that the track is quite long, the temperature in Padar is also relatively high so it is not recommended to start climbing during the day. Once you reach the top, it is guaranteed that everything will be paid off with a stunning view.

Not only climbing, you can also do a number of other activities on Padar Island such as snorkeling and diving at several spots. The sea water is clear enough to make the beauty of the underwater world clearly visible.

5. Explore the Sea While Rowing

sea kayaking in komodo island's blue water
Source: noroads.com.au

Another reason why you must visit Komodo Island is a neverending adventure! Immerse yourself in the incredible island through kayaking.

Paddle your way through clear water where you can see coral reefs, and stop by local villages, or even deserted islands.

No specific requirements are needed, making it suitable for beginners in kayaking. A basic level of fitness is recommended, ensuring you can fully enjoy the experience. Always keep in mind the importance of respecting and preserving the environment around you. Kayaking through Komodo National Park will unveil the remarkable offerings of this unique destination.

6. Enjoy the sunset on Kalong Island

enjoying sunset is one of the reasons why you must visit komodo island

The sensation of enjoying the sunset in the Komodo Island area is indeed a good reason to visit this island and other surrounding islands such as Kalong Island.

Kalong is another name for bats, it is named Kalong Island because this island is home to many bats and is covered with mangrove trees.

Enjoying the sunset is one of the attractions of this island, when it starts to get dark, bats come out of the cave and paint the orange sky. You can take this opportunity to capture the beautiful sky view.

7. Visit Komodo Village

komodo village is the only village in komodo island
source: jelajah.kompas.id

Komodo Village is the only village on Komodo Island, this village also offers cultural tourism for every tourist who visits. Residents who live in this village also live side by side with Komodo dragons!

From the Jadesta website, this village must be visited when a cultural festival is taking place called the Komodo Culture Festival. At this event, attractions such as Pencak Silat, Ora Dance, and Ora Drama were presented. This event is held in early November, but you have to register well in advance if you want to attend this festival because of the high tourist interest but limited places.

8. BBQ Party on the Beach

source: plataran.com

The charm of Komodo Island attracts many tourists, both local and foreign tourists. One of the activities you can do while on this island is holding a barbecue party on the beach.

You can take part in this activity when you stay at several available resorts, some examples of the favorite resorts are Plataran Komodo Resort, Hotel Labeletoile, Kanawa Resort, and Puri Sari Beach as suggested by Phinemo.

One of the international celebrities, Gwyneth Paltrow, also shared her experience when she visited Komodo Island and enjoyed a BBQ party on Banta Island.

9. Get Closer to Fauna

variety of fauna that can be found on Komodo Island
source: blibli.com

Apart from Komodo dragons, you can meet various fauna that roam freely, including yellow-crested parrots, horses, buffalo, long-tailed monkeys, and deer.

Not only that, you can also meet marine fauna such as whale sharks, turtles, and dolphins when diving in the waters around the island. When you meet wild animals like this, make sure you don’t disturb them and their habitat, let their lives remain beautiful and harmonious in the wild.

10. Experience Living on a Ship


For those of you who want to experience a next-level holiday in Komodo Island, you need to take part in a travel package for more than 2 days staying on a phinisi ship.

Phinisi ship or spelled as Pinisi, is the schooner that represents the pinnacle of the maritime heritage of the Bugis ethnic group from South Sulawesi. For centuries, these magnificent vessels, have navigated the waters of the archipelago, embarking on journeys as distant as Malacca, Burma, Vietnam, and Australia.

In the present day, one can still marvel at these sizable traditional boats, whether under full sail at sea or anchored along the Sunda Kelapa harbor in Jakarta, the Ujung wharf of Surabaya unloading timber from Kalimantan, the Paotere harbor in Makassar, South Sulawesi, or even at the modest port of Labuan Bajo on Flores.

In tourist areas such as Komodo Island, phinisi boats are used as a place for tourists to stay while exploring the tourist destinations here. If you are curious about the sensation of living on a boat for several days, come join a trip with Zada Liveaboard!

You can choose trip packages ranging from 1 day (full day) to 3 days 2 nights trip, Zada’s trip schedule is open every Friday-Sunday. If you want a more flexible schedule and plan to go with a group, you can book a private charter, that way you can freely choose your trip dates and organize your own events.

There are several reasons why you must visit Komodo Island at least once in your lifetime. Book your trip to Komodo Island today and experience all that this amazing island has to offer!

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